Warning Indicators that You Have to Change Your Furnace

The days are starting to become shorter, Jack Frost is preparing to visit, and the leaves are starting to change colors. It is an ideal time to guarantee that your furnace can survive all over the winter. You can determine whether you should replace your furnace or at least perform some repairs to your current furnace by following the guidelines below:

Your energy consumption and equipment repair costs are gradually skyrocketing

Older furnaces work double-time to give the heating levels they did when they were new and this implies more frequent repairs and higher energy bills. If both only have increased just a little, then it is fine for an older furnace. However, the moment you start observing a substantial increase in your bill and you are already familiar with your repairman, it might be the time to let go of your old unit and replace it with a new one. It is guaranteed that the installation cost will be worth it in the end since you can actually save more because of it.

Your furnace is already past 15 years old

Once your furnace is already more than 15 years old and starting to have maintenance problems, there’s a great possibility that it should be replaced with a new one. Yes, it might be functional, however, it’s possibly not functioning at a tip-top level of efficiency. Also, your utility bills could drastically increase if this is the case.

The rooms all over your property have varying temperatures

An old and inefficient furnace could make other rooms to be warmer or colder compared to other areas. This could be the outcome of having an outdated duct system and old furnace, which lost its capability to share heat equally all over the house.

You have a noisy furnace

Furnaces sometimes produce some noise once they turn off and on, however, once those noises begin to become even louder, you must consider changing your unit. These sounds could be in the form of screeching, humming, banging, or popping. If your furnace produces such sounds, then you have to replace it with a new one.

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