Various Types of Spirits

Spirit is a term used to define a hard liquor or distilled liquor that’s achieved by distillation from fermented plant juice or fruit or from wine. Spirits include brandy, liqueur, schnapps, vodka, gin, and whiskey. Except for wine and beer, all spirits are basically colorless and clear. The modification of color from rich colors such as golden brown hue is due to the aging process. Hard liquor is available in an extensive range of sources and here is some information about them:


This is one of the spirit types that don’t have strong alcohol content. Generally, they are manufactured with neutral grain spirits. Liqueurs are a friendly drink since it’s normally creamy and sweet and has high sugar content. Moreover, they are usually flavored with fruits. You can consume Liqueurs straight, with cream or coffee, or mixed in cocktails. Commonly, this kind of spirit becomes dessert or can be served with desserts. Liqueurs come in different types such as herbal liqueurs, nut-flavored liqueurs, anise liqueurs, brandy liqueurs, schnapps liqueurs, chocolate liqueurs, coffee liqueurs, cream liqueurs, and fruit liqueurs.


Schnapps basically came from Germany and it’s also a kind of spirit that’s well-loved by many. Schnapps is a word that’s based on the German word ‘schnaps’ that refers to any clear or strong alcoholic beverage. It’s known to be one of the greatest kinds of spirits due to its delicate and pure aroma. Actual schnapps doesn’t have added sugar because it has a naturally acquired taste. The best schnapps all over the world is manufactured in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Some of the typical schnapps flavors are apple, peach, and butterscotch.


Vodka is one of the popular spirits. Vodka is a term derived from the Slavic word ‘voda’, which basically means ‘water’. Among other types of spirits, vodka is the simplest since it totally consists of ethanol and water. It’s distilled several times to eliminate its impurities. This spirit is sort of a versatile drink since it can blend well with other beverages. Often, vodka is utilized in mixed drinks and cocktails, like Cosmopolitans, Bloody Mary’s, White or Black Russians, and Martinis, just to name a few.


Gin is formulated from a similar base ingredient as vodka, which is the neutral spirit. It’s manufactured from distilled juniper berries that provide a great taste to gin. The difference between vodka from gin is that gin has juniper and some botanicals in the distillation. Though the taste of gin is pretty dry, it’s not intended to be directly consumed. Frequently, it is best consumed when mixed with other beverages and juices. Gin is definitely one of the most popular spirit options wherever you may go. In fact, it has obtained more popularity compared to vodka now.

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